Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Morgan's early life was one of indulgence without effort on her part.  She wanted it remain so.
Morgan lies.  It is her basic strategy for positioning herself.  In fact, she dropped out of school in the 8th Grade causing consternation in the family. 

My parents had asked to adopt her when she was 12.  I let them, since they promised to pay for her college, wisdom teeth, and other coming to adulthood expenses.  I had three young children and was committed to a career which was not likely to make me able to give her what she was used to getting from my parents.  

My Dad, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury, remains one of the best and most decent people I have ever known.  Mom, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury struggled with a tumultous and traumatic childhood with which she could not come to peace.   

I loved both of them dearly and miss them every day.  

What Morgan, then Carolyn Anne, did to them was horrifying.  

Morgan decided what she wanted was a rich husband she could control.  She ent through three man who she did all in her power to marry.  The stories, as much as is known, are coming.  

Eddy van Halen

Eugene Volokh

John Fund

Today she is married to Jay E. Gell, a disinformation agent who was likely paid to keep her contained.  That is what it looks like to me, anyway.  And although she keeps slandering me outrageously at least I woke up to what she is.  

Events have held that blessing.  

Carolyn's Adoption by
Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Francis Pillsbury