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Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

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Arthur Edward Foster

Today, Arthur is forty years of age
Here is his Website

Arthur is a good man.  He is discerning, enjoys people, stuggles to help, and enjoys singing in the choir at the church we attend.  And he loves just sitting, listening to life on on around him, especially when he is surrounded by nature. As a boy he was interested in everything around him.  At 18 months he took a broom and managed to get his hands on the keyes, which were hanging over the front door. 

He then started the car and drove it into the garage.  It is probably fortunate the garage door was down.  This way, it just caused a slight dent in the door, which was barely visible.  I had only been in the kitchen for three minutes when I heard the sound.  Arthur had a huge grin on his face but my heart felt like it was in my throat.  

Arthur lived for a couple of years with his former father, who had cened parental rights to my

Morgan, his older sister, was paid $10,000 when Arthur was struggling for life after a suicide attempt, to persuade me to turn off his life support.  

Despite the pain, loss, and heart-break, his life has held Arthur is a good man who loves God and hopes to build a better life for himself.  This is also my hope. 

The ugliness of this part of the story, of what his sister, Morgan Pillsbury Gell, Craig Franklin, who adopted him,and Ronald Edward Kellett (Foster), his original father, who so abused him,  needs to be told.  

Arthur was one of the three reasons I told Ron I wanted a divorce.  His focus in life was his weekend Role-Playing Gamer Parties.  He spent no time with the children, unless he was beating them.  What a friend of the family gave them a computer he confiscated it so he could play Buried Bucks on the TV, mindlessly, hour after hour during the week.  

I would have left earlier if it had been possible.  But we owed my parents, who had loaned us the money to buy and renovate the house we bought in Reseda on Chimineas Avenue, money - and Ron's 'room addition' stopped after he put in a foundation and skeleton of two stories of rooms which he then left to rot.