Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Carolyn Anne's Adoption

A Regrettable Event in the Pillsbury Family
Melinda's Parents Ask to Adopt Cute Little Carolyn

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All of us made excuses for Morgan's hideous behavior as long as possible.  I, Melinda, was the last to give up.  But it was liberating.  This shift in my viewpoint allowed me to explain events which, otherwise, would have remained worrisome puzzles.  

While Craig adopted Morgan, I did not.  I explained to him very clearly Morgan's father, my father, Dr. Arthur F. Pillsbury was still living and had not consented.  Craig ignored this.  His motive was, of course, to create an artificial relationship which would allow him to feed his incest fantasies with Morgan.  Since Morgan was, is and will always be, incapable of understanding what is normal, this sexual connection between them did not have the emotional impact Craig hoped for.  

Craig's Last Will and Testaments while married to Melinda 

From what Anne told me, Craig probably had a template for his Wills to be issued seriatim to each new victim.  I hope finding these facts helps anyone who shared the trauma, which is Allan Craig Franklin and his feckless family of Franklins, heal from the experience.  

And NOTE:  Morgan is not my daughter; I reject any relationship with her and her offspring, until and unless, they are genetically tested to be emotionally normal.  That makes me sad, but is necessary, given Morgan's proven propensities.