Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Craig's Paid Sex Family

       This is a sub-group of the main NeoCon Conspiracy. Some were paid for one thing, some of them for something else.  It is one of the stories which provides real insights into the people you see toasting Craig Franklin.
     When Craig decided to leave Melinda, in December of 1997, GHS and he arranged matters in advance.  One of these was an attempt to kill off Craig's adopted son, Arthur E. Foster, who Craig had demanded he be allowed to adopt along with the other children.  Craig persuaded the children's father, Ronald Edward Foster, to cede parental rights to himself on June 21, 1989, telling him he would have no more financial responsibilities to the four kids. 
         The second Will, 1991, is two pages because the section returning to Sterling Franklin, Craig's brother, an attorney who wrote the original will, was Xed out, as you see below.  Then it was copied, identical to the original.  
             (Documents Below)
          Craig had arranged for Morgan to let his attorney, Jacqueline Misho, into the family home to rifle through Melinda's papers and download everything on her computer, this testified to by Morgan Pillsbury later.  Melinda had noticed much out of order when she returned from the Christmas Vacation Craig demanded, which cost $35,000.  This also was part of Craig's plan.   
        When Craig filed for divorce he claimed the children were not his.  Melinda could not find the most recent Will, not surprisngly as she was later told Misho had lifted it.  But later Melinda would find the original and an unsigned new will.  This left the kids without a father legally, which brings the entire issue into question.  This act would not stop Craig from going after his adopted daughters sexually. Craig had no use for sons unless they married and provided Craig with grand-daughters with whom he could live out his incest fantasies.
          Craig discovered he was liable for Arthur's support as a disabled adult child of Melinda's, even if he had lied about having adopted all of them.  Although the amounts required would not have been large, this interferred with his plan to leave Melinda entirely without funds or a way to support Arthur. 
            This resulted in a scheme to drive Arthur into a suicidal depression and bring about his death by suicide.  Morgan had been one of the parties on the regular conference calls which included Craig, Dan O'Dowd, the President of Green Hills Software, Inc., for which Craig was Senior Vice President for Advanced Products Development, Michael Emerling Cloud, a politicial consultant and friend of Craig's, and Jonathan Scott Franklin, Craig's son from his first marriage. Together, and with consultations with Craig's attorney, Jacqueline Misho, they decided Craig needed to shock and disappoint Arthur, with whom he had always had a cordial relationship.  Since Craig had not bothered to keep in touch with Arthur this required him to arrange a private meeting with Arthur through Melinda.  
          Craig called Melinda up and told her he cared about Arthur and wanted to stay involved in his life.  Touched, Melinda agreed Arthur could meet him for lunch, the two could catch up on their relationship. 
            Instead, after Craig picked Arthur up in the Saturn owned by Ayn, which he has refused to return, Arthur was driven to the Santa Barbara Sandwich Company on State Street in Downtown Santa Barbara.  They ordered, sat at a small table, and waited for their sandwiches to be ready.   Craig immediately began criticizing Arthur's Mother and telling him he would have no quality of life and would never be happy living with Melinda.  Melinda, he said, was bossy and she would decide everything for him from that point on. Craig then threw money on the table, told Arthur he wanted nothing to do with him again and walked out.  

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
  6. Managing Director
This is the kind of thing you could expect from a psychopath.  Without this 'intervention'  Arthur could, eventually have achieved far more recovery than was available to him after he shot himself through the brain.  

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Craig Franklin

Arthur Edward Foster at different times in his life.  Arthur was a mischief maker who was always looking for something to learn about.  Shy, he loved people and small things which wanted to be hugged.  At the time of the accident Arthur was majoring in Physics.