Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

The Conspiracy
Craig Franklin, Morgan Pillsbury, Jonathan Scott Franklin , Michael Emerling Cloud & Dan O'Dowd

This page takes you to just one of the 'jobs' Morgan took with relish to destroy her mother and the credulous trust which caused Melinda to help her - again, over the protests of the rest of the family.  Normal people, believing in redemption and ultimate salvation, are inclined to give others second, third, and more chances.  With psychopaths, who have no sense of compassion, conscience, regret, or any of the emotional barriers to wronging others, this human approach harms the lives of emotionally normal individuals.  Too much suffering and death results from our pity and love when this enables psychopaths to continue their predatory behavior.   

Melinda could not accept Morgan is a psychopath until Morgan turned 45, in 2012.  

Characteristics of Psychopathy

Morgan was paid $5,000 a month, by her own admission in deposition, to provide help to Craig, her adopted father, with the goal of bringing about her Mother, Melinda's death. She carried this out as a paid co-conspirator with others, including Dan O'Dowd Jonathan Scott Franklin and Michael Emerling Cloud.  
Below, under the clips, is the entire document written for her bankruptcy in response to Craig Franklin's attempt to stop her from writing off the clearly fraudulent repayment of funds for which she was paid nearly $100,000 to destroy her mother and brother.  Morgan was involved as a co-conspirator, with others, in this.  Their names are Jonathan Scott Franklin, Dan O'Dowd, Michael Emerling Cloud, all of whom were involved in the conspiracy directly with Franklin and were compensated for their roles in various ways.  

The two clips below were provided by Morgan to the service which turned her responses into the Answer to Craig's attempt to stop her from declaring bankruptcy and so escaping his attempt to destroy her financially.  

Morgan lies.  But she has a very short horizon on what impact her statements will have.  These clips reveal her lack of concern for what she had attempted, which was kill her mother and her brother.  

Morgan names those who were also there because she feels no need to protect them.  If they are impacted it does not matter to her.  That she slandered Melinda is incotrovertable.  Melinda received calls from several friends to whom Morgan placed such calls.  They will testify to this and to the untruth of these statements by Morgan.

As you read, it is striking that Morgan complains about how Craig is treating her but is entirely matter-of-fact about her own actions, which slide off her non-existing conscience like water off a duck's back.  

It appears that Morgan is unaware that her participation in what is still an ongoing conspiracy is legally actionable.    

From:  Answer to Franklin's filing on Bankruptcy Page 3

From:  Answer to Franklin's Filing on Bankruptcy - Page 4

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