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  1. Carolyn at about 10 months
    Carolyn at about 10 months

Melinda with her little girl, Carolyn, now Morgan
This site rebuts the lies, slanders and libelous statements made by Morgan Gell about me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Morgan Pillsbury Gell

Craig Franklin

John H. Fund

The Night of October 26, 1998

The facts were stranger than you could imagine
Because psychopaths are - different

   Craig Franklin, my estranged 3rd husband, had taken his adopted daughter, Morgan, along with him to New York, London, and Paris to 'cheer her up,' after her boyfriend, Eugene Volokh, dumped her.  Eugene had a narrow escape and is to be congratulated.
          Craig had decided on divorce, because the president of the corporation for which he was Senior Vice-President for Advanced Products Development, had approached him with a deal to steal the company from CEO Dan O’Dowd’s partner, Glenn Hightower.  The role assigned to Craig was to lead the walk-out of critical personnel, mostly the vice-presidents.  For O’Dowd, Craig offered these individuals double stock options if the scheme succeeded.  O’Dowd had agreed to do anything necessary to destroy me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, financially, starting with writing a different stock option agreement for Craig than the original.  The two of them called this the, “Throw Momma from the Train” Strategy. 
         Craig was paying Morgan $5,000 a month for her assistance on the divorce.  This included finding him the nastiest attorney possible, attending the conference calls between the group who brain-stormed ways to raise my stress level and so cause a fatal heart attack, bringing about my death.  The group included Jonathan Scott Franklin, Craig’s son from his first marriage; Michael Emerling Cloud; and Dan O’Dowd.  Morgan said this in a court declaration which John Fund had, but decided not to use.  As you read the certified document you find this admission by Morgan, “from Page 3 – Page 4… “Conspirators include:  Dan O’Dowd of Green Hills Software in Santa Barbara and Michael Cloud, a political consultant in Boston Massachusetts. We all brainstormed on how to Debtor and Defendant’s mother. In particular we talked about how this would kill her as she had just had a heart attack, and this would alienate her from all of her friends and political allies, her hobby for 24 years as a leader in the Libertarian Party of California.  Plaintiff even got Melinda kicked out of the Libertarian State Convention by hiring Michael Cloud (We have checks for $6,500 of payments) to slander her to the Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, Mark Hinkle.” 

         Morgan had earned another $10,000 for her efforts to persuade me to turn off her brother, Arthur's, life support.  She needed his heart, she told her mother, alone at the hospital at Arthur's bedside.  Morgan had no heart issues.  She lied about this in hopes of profiting. 
       I learned about the payments from the discovery during the divorce.  These documents can be produced. 
       Craig took Morgan on a posh trip in October of 1998.  Craig’s motive for marrying me besides great conversation, was to gain sexual access to my daughters.  In December, Craig attempted to force Morgan to sign a statement denying they had had sex. She refused.   SEE Evidence
      The first stop was New York, where John Fund asked Morgan out to dinner at the Firebird Restaurant. His ‘relationship’ with her began later that evening, October 26, 1998 at the hotel hosting the conference of Lyceum International, an Objectivist group, put on by Yaron Brooks.   After walking her back to her room, Fund asked Morgan for a 'hug' and jumped into bed with her.  John had told Morgan to call him, "Uncle John," as he had all of Melinda's children for at least a decade.  Fund used the same template on women for all of them.
        Morgan’s only career since her teens had been to find a wealthy husband.  In October of 1998 Eugene Volokh had just dumped her.            
        The next morning, wakened by the phone in Morgan's room, John answered.  Craig was calling to see if Morgan was ready for breakfast.  October 26th was my birthday.  Morgan told me in 1999 this struck them as funny.  I am sure Morgan expected this to hurt me, but I am long past that. 

       John Fund had told Morgan he was the father of my youngest child.  This was a surprise to me, as it was not possible.  Fund told Morgan he could not marry her because of this.  Craig, who had impregnated me by rape in 1983, offered to go into court and Craig claim he was his son's father, so John and Morgan could marry.  I remained unaware the question had been raised until told by Morgan in late 1999.
          I had seen John once in 1983 during the California Libertarian Party Convention.  After the evening dinner he and I had gone to the bar, where he had consumed multiple drinks.  These were alcoholic and the effect on him became increasingly obvious.  I found this amusing, rather than disgusting, because he ventured into activities in politics which he had previously failed to mention along with his experiences as a promoter for a Star Trek Convention. 
          Finally, after he returned from the men’s room, I suggested he get some sleep and walked him to his door.  Although we talked on the phone frequently, the only other time I remember seeing him that year was at the LP National Convention, held in New York in July that year.  Justin was born on November 17, 1983.  It is possible, given his loose grasp on reality, John Fund imagined something happened, which did not two years before. 
          As the three, Craig, Morgan, and Fund plotted, I was at home in Santa Barbara, recovering from a corneal transplant and, alone, caring for Arthur, age 20.  The year before, September 27, 1998, Arthur had nearly died, suffering a major Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), in a motorcycle accident.  I was at his bedside every day, persuading the physicians to repair his badly damaged face, and not give up; despite his massive TBI.  To ensure there was always a nurse in attendance, every morning I brought platters of sandwiches, so the nurses would not have to leave for lunch, which was a long walk from Intensive Care.  Hospitals keep records, these run to a couple of hunndred pages, not counting billings.  
       When Arthur regained consciousness, I was at his side.  This took place six weeks after the accident.  After a stint in Rehabilitation, Arthur came home.  He was able to walk, with help, but had lost two years of memory.  TBI survivors now are told they are born the day they regain consciousness to help them accept that they are now a different person.  Over the years, I learned a lot about TBI which was not available in 1997.  Mark Palmer's book, Realistic Hope is the best first step.  Integrity - The Life and Values of Mark Palmer
          It was not until January 23, 1998, that Craig told me he was filing for divorce.  This was a surprise because he had been coming home and rifling through the refrigerator for snacks the day before and grumbling we had no meatloaf.  Since no one in the family liked meatloaf, and I never made it, I thought this odd. 
          At this point, Craig had already retained an attorney, filed the papers, and was paying Morgan $5,000 a month for assistance.  Apparently, Michael Emerling Cloud was also being paid for assistance about this time. 
          Morgan had been at the house some days earlier, while I was away, to admit Craig’s attorney, Jacqueline Misho; so she could rifle through my one-of-a-kind papers like Craig’s current will, and take what she needed to falsify the facts.  Morgan told me she had also copied all the files on my computer, stealing the evidence Craig had adopted all the children. To do so, he had reached an agreement with their father, Ronald Edward Foster (Kellett) on June 21, 1989.  Notarized Document     Craig Franklin Wills
         Morgan stated this in deposition, which was never certified because the case in which I sued Green Hills Software (GHS) Incorporated privately, was settled in 2001; however GHS did not keep their side of the bargain which was also not enforceable for various reasons upon examination by a forensics expert of the FBI. Related Documents  That is the uncertified deposition by Morgan Pillsbury; Craig, for Green Hills Software, supplied to John Fund in 2003.  I have the date and the witness who Craig handed the envelope to, as he told her what was in it.  She will testify to this fact.  
       It was also Misho who informed Craig he would be liable for support to a seriously disabled adult child, even if he evaded support for his younger son, Justin, by denying paternity.  
       In early March, Craig called me to say he wanted to stay in Arthur's life, recalling the good times they had had together.  I cried at this evidence of concern, and agreed to let Arthur have lunch with him.  Arthur was struggling with his disabilities. I told Arthur what his adopted father had said and the wave of happiness on his face was palpable.   
      When I dropped Arthur off for the lunch, I was full of hope; but when Arthur slammed into the house, limped into his room and locked the door, it was obvious something was very wrong.  Arthur refused to talk about what had happened. 
     Two weeks later, Arthur shot himself through the brain.  I had no idea what had transpired between Arthur and his adopted father, until years later.   When Arthur recovered, he regained the memory of Craig telling him he should be dead, and he wanted nothing to do with him.   Arthur's suicide attempt took place one day before he was to enter a program for depression.  Arthur had asked me to let him spend two days with his birth father in Reseda.  I called Ron Kellett, who now goes by the name 'Foster', not to let Arthur out of his sight.  Ron agreed, yet left him alone in the house with a loaded gun in plain sight.  Arthur shot himself on March 22, 1998, six months before this conversation between Fund, Morgan and Craig in New York.  
     Because his attempt to push Arthur to suicide did not work, Craig paid Morgan $10,000 to try to get me to turn off Arthur's life support.  Morgan, they planned, would tell her mother she needed a heart transplant.  I was standing at Arthur's bedside when Morgan called to ask for her brother's heart.  I refused to give up on Arthur.  Arthur had been in a coma for weeks; the prognosis was bleak.  I was alone, in anguish, and coping with the hospital's attempts to assign a social worker to walk me through the donation process.  I refused Morgan’s request, despite her loud pleas and histrionics.  
     My son would be given a chance to live. Then, one morning, after a long night beside his bed, Arthur turned his head and looked at me, his eyes alive and aware.   I cannot remember that moment without crying, even now. 
     Arthur would regain the ability to use his arms and legs over the next year.  I was, and remain today, his only caretaker. Arthur is now 40. Morgan had persuaded her sisters at that time to move on and live their own lives. "Let Mom handle it," Morgan told them.   This was intended to increase the stress on me.  Morgan expected to be paid when I died, if she helped bring this about. 
   After Craig's return to Santa Barbara from his trip with Morgan to New York, London and Paris; Craig, who had adopted my children and always presented them as his own, went into court and claimed Justin was his son, which of course he was, though he had lied about it previously having his attorney steal the papers; and as he had promised Fund he would do. 
       Without consulting me, Judge Anderle allowed this; but told Craig he would have to pay child support, which Craig had not expected. Instructing his attorney to fight paying support, Craig had soon cost me more than I would have gotten in support, $36,000.  Craig is Justin’s biological father, but had gained parental rights only by paying my former husband, Ron Kellett (Foster), to cede his rights on June 21, 1989  Notarized Document.
      Craig had his brother, Sterling C. Franklin, a graduate of Loyola School of Law, naming my children as Craig Franklin’s natural children and heirs on June 26, 1989. Craig Franklin Wills I found the original, which I had used for a paste-up for some graphics in one of my graphics books.  It is signed and witnessed.  One section is Xed out.  The will which replaced it, dated 1991, only eliminated a section directing his brother, Sterling, be paid from the estate if Craig died before the debt, a loan to Craig from Sterling, was repaid.  I found a copy of this will which was unsigned.   It is clear this is the only difference. (I have no reason to believe Sterling conspired with Craig to bring about my death.  He is the most emotionally normal member of his birth family, in my experience.)     
     About this same time, Craig told Morgan to meet him at Misho’s office in Santa Barbara where, she reported to me, Craig forced her to sign a Morgan - loan document for the money.  Realising this was done to mke it possible for Craig to control her she filed for Bankruptcy in 2001 in Santa Barbara.  Franklin contested this.  Bankruptcy Document.  Morgan states Craig had paid her to assist his efforts to bring about my death, which is also testified to by Morgan elsewhere are provable by her actions and the fact she lied about needing a heart transplant.  She had never  even been to a physician about her heart or reported having any problems. And if she had, she would have said so immediately because this was another excuse for maintaining her life of excess and leisure.  Additionally, Craig knew she would not get a heart transplant for $10.000.  
    Two decades later, Arthur is recovering.  A miracle for which I am daily grateful.  Neither Craig or Morgan have ever spoken to Arthur again.   

Now, listen to The Tape, recording to prove to me, Melinda, Morgan was not lying about John Fund.
For once in Morgan's Life, she was telling the truth

Published with John Connolly's article
September 4, 2001

Arthur’s medical records exist, and I can get them, if necessary. 
               Craig Franklin handles Advanced Product Development for GHS.  This includes Business Development for programming: security systems; avionics for manned and unmanned aircraft and airliners; war fighter guidance and targeting systems for manned and unmanned aircraft in ordinance delivery; combat flight-test of manned, unmanned or both simultaneously.  The Company replaced Craig's original stock option grant with a new one to help Craig evade sharing these stock options with me. They also cooperated to help Craig evade paying support to me.  Craig can delay his commission payments to limit what I received.  GHS has assisted Craig this way, first to evade withholding his taxes, since Craig started work there in 1986.    Craig has a very special relationship with Green Hills Software.  So, does John Fund and Dick Cheney.
You're Not Paranoid – The IRS is out to get you.

                John Fund was placed at the Wall Street Journal as a political agent for the NeoCons, then getting ready for war against Iraq.  Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are the first two names on Fund's phone dialer.  Dick Cheney was already working on the opportunity for retaking the oil fields of Iraq for BushCo and 9/11 was approaching.   The attack -drone contracts began joyful shouts at GHS.


            Craig Franklin is Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS).  His income is around a million dollars a year.  Craig handles Advanced Product Development for GHS.  This includes Business Development for programming: security systems; avionics for manned and unmanned aircraft and airliners; war fighter guidance and targeting systems for manned and unmanned aircraft in ordinance delivery;  combat flight test of manned, unmanned or both simultaneously.  The Company replaced Craig's original stock option grant with a new one to help Craig evade sharing these with Melinda.  They also cooperate to help Craig evade paying support to Melinda.  Craig can delay his commission payments to limit what Melinda receives.  GHS has assisted Craig this way, first to evade withholding his taxes, since Craig started work there in 1986.    Craig has a very special relationship with Green Hills Software

                John Fund was placed at the Wall Street Journal as a political agent for the NeoCons, then getting ready for war against Iraq.  Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are the first two names on Fund's phone dialer.  Dick Cheney, was already working on the opportunity for retaking the oil fields of Iraq for Bushco. 9/11 is approaching, and attack  drone contracts will begin to joyful shouts at GHS.

   Developing a sense of Tragi-Comedy about this kind of thing was tough. But now I have the support of good people who have the intestinal fortitude to withstand the stink of the kind of hatefulness Morgan, a psychopathic hireling, extrudes.  At this point, Morgan really has no options.  Her employers will not pay her if she does not continue lie and slander.  So, instead of responding, we are getting down to exposing her and her fellows.  Morgan will do anything for money.  Psychopaths are like this.   
"Throw Momma From the Train," Green Hills president Dan O'Dowd and Craig Franklin are living their fantasies.  

Morgan lies.  She is paid to lie.  This is a fact backed up with incontrovertible proof.
Morgan, get ready to become famous.

Cute Little Carolyn Grows into Morgan, the Professional Liar
She has been well paid for her services

The article below, on a study led by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers ccould help explain the callous and impulsive antisocial behavior exhibited by some psychopaths.

Dr. Robert Hare, originator of the Hare Index for measuring psychopathy, lists these
key features of psychopathy .   Dr. Hare has suggested all officers of corporations be tested along with law enforcement officers, military, and others in key positions.  I would include those entering politics or applying for government jobs.  

German psychiatrist, J.L.A. Koch (1841-1908) (Figure 2), coined the term psychopastiche, or psychopath, in 1888. Koch claimed that psychopathy arose from a flaw in one's constitution at birth. Constitutional psychopathy became a popular disorder in the literature of the early 1900s. From: 

Genetic studies using the twin method (Plomin, DeFries & McClearn, 2008) have shown moderately strong genetic and non-shared environmental precursors of adult psychopathy (Waldman & Rhee, 2006). For example, a study using the Psychopathic Personality Inventory (PPI) self-report scale showed genetic effects accounting for 29% to 56% of variance within dimensions of psychopathy, while shared environmental factors did not account for any PPI facets (Blonigen et al., 2003). Another study looked at callous-unemotional traits and antisocial behavior in seven-year-old twins (Viding et al., 2005). The conclusions of this study suggest callous-unemotional traits are strongly determined by genetic influences, while antisocial behavior in the absence of callous-unemotional traits has strong shared and non-shared environmental influences. Further research is necessary to determine the generalizability of these findings to non-twin children, as well as examining the predictability of different callous-unemotional traits and antisocial behavior presentations in children on the development of clinical levels of psychopathy as an adult.  From: 
Science Direct
Morgan decided by the time she was 17 she should marry someone famous and wealthy.  To obtain her goal has committed acts which violate all ideas of decency.  

She began attempts to seduce wealthy men before she was 18.  She began a sexual relationship, by her own report, with Eddy Van Halen in an attempt to destroy his marriage. 

She went after Eugene Volokh because of his wealth and then did the same with her own adopted father, Craig Franklin.  

At the time Morgan first had sex with John Fund, October 26, 1998, she was travelling to New York, London and Paris with her adopted father, with whom she was also sexually intimate.  

​Morgan broke the hearts of everyone who loved her and felt only annoyance they no longer trusted her and would not give her anymore money.  For Morgan money and things are all that matter.  

Evil eyes can be beautiful.  Look deeper and you will see her soul.

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