Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Jay E Gell
His career has been equal parts threats, intimidation, lies and bullshit.  As this site builds out you will get the details.

Jay married a 16 year old
​in South Carolina.  

And the happy couple cut their wedding cake.

Jay Gell with is bride, who I was told was 16 at the time they married.  

The bride looks sweet.  It is hard to imagine why her parents would let her marry a man so much older than herself.  

Morgan's relationship to Gell was orchestrated by John Fund's 'support team' as a way to ensure she was under control.  Jay was tasked with marrying her and the two tied the know on Valentine's Day 2005.  

But Gell already had a history and associates who illustrated his associations vividly.  

Jay E. Gell