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Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux


Morgan continues her quest for a wealthy husband, or whatever
1986 - 2001

Eddie Van Halen, of Van Halen,the Rock group, was  Morgan's first target.  Her eight year quest to end Eddie's marriage, remained unknown to me until after Mom died.  I naively thought Morgan was in college, and she had made it clear she was not interested in having any social interaction with me; so I let her mind her own business, except for paying her expenses and helping her, if requested.  I heard from the other children she was 'dating' Van Halen at some point; but I did not believe it.  While I did not know a lot about the group, I did know Eddie was married to TV and movie star, Valerie Bertinelli. -- So Morgan could not be dating him.  I dismissed these claims as bragging about knowing him, and going to concerts.  The younger kids were going to concerts, I forget the groups.  I spent time sitting in the car waiting to pick them up a couple of times while they attended.  I would have preferred it if they had not wanted to attend; but, well, they did.  I had gone to one such event when I was 21, and found it not to my taste.  I confess I did not know much about what Morgan was doing from first-hand experience.  I was busy with other committments, LP politics, and most importantly, the other kids, who were still young.  Morgan turned 20 on July 5, 1987.  
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

My mother, Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury, nicknamed 'Pam' by Father, Dr. Arthur Francis Pillsbury, died September 15, 1987.  Morgan had not lived with her adopted parents for five years, before her death. They could not take the constant harangues for  money, her lack of respect, and her failure to do her lessons necessary; if she was to develop work skills or establish some kind of career for herself.  Morgan enjoyed disrupting other people's lives, and did so consistently, which I learned to my shock.  My parents had never told me about her behavior.  

In June 1987, Dad and the rest of the family finally realized Mom, a smoker,  was unwell, but struggling to hide her mestastisizing lung cancer. My brother Cap and his wife, Sue, swooped down and took her to Stanford Medical Center where Sue was a physician specializing in Oncology and Radiology. There was nothing they could do, we were told.  To say I was shocked, stunned, incredulous, understates the case.   I loved my mother.  They told us she had six months to live.  I went up to see her and Dad several times, then, in August I took the kids to the Pillsbury cabin so I could spend every other day with her at her house.  The kids, which unfortunately included Scott Franklin, my new husband's criminally inclined son from his previous marriage, stayed at the cabin while I read to Mom.   We talked, and, when she dozed, which happened frequently due to the pain-killers, I watched her sleep.  

Six weeks before Mom died, she asked me to research her Reasoner family background.  She was resting on the couch-bed in the Dad's office in Springville and began talking.  She said, with a wistfulness which made my heart ache, about feeling lost because Dad knew his family background so well, while she  knew nothing about her own. I immediately told her I would do so.

Mary Alice Reasoner Pillsbury 1933

As I sat there, with her I laid out my plan for researching the Reasoner Family.  I had already discussed the trips which I would take to the town in Indiana, Elizabethtown, which was mentioned in the only document she possessed.  It would take me until the second week of May 1995. This was after three trips to Indiana, multiple trips to genealogical libraries, and asking every possible relation on that side of the family.   

We all knew Mom's time was short. In early September, Dad could no longer handle her care, and the two of them relocated to Anne's home in Goleta.  I was to drive up and care for Mom three times a week during the day, so Anne could work, leaving when Anne came home.  I only saw Morgan once.  Anne said she never saw Morgan, herself.  

It was Monday, September 14, 1987, when I walked in, having taken the kids to school, having arranged to have them picked up; Morgan was sitting glaring at Mom from a seat in the room.  They did not say a word to each other.   Morgan, rather abruptly, got up and left the room.  I did not see Morgan again until after Mom died. 

After Mother's death, Dad became more forthcoming as he and I worked together on ensuring his father's legacy would be revived, understood, and this great man Dad loved so much, received the credit he had earned in life.   Dad had confronted the fact his father, Arthur C. Pillsbury, was being excised from history in the early 1970s. Grandfather's presence in Yosemite, beginning in 1895, included his making of the first as its Official Photographer,   Dad began sending me materials around 1985.  I had sort of emerged as the family historian and this likely seemed to him like a natural extension of that work.   It had started from the wish to fulfill my promises but it became my passion as well.  It became my mission to research our family, all lines, and especially those individuals who seemed to me to call for someone to speak for them from beyond the grave.  

I researched Mom's father, William Mershon Reasoner and her mother, Darling Daisy McReynolds.   I had not yet done more than make notes, the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper, on the stories Mom had told me about her childhood. These remain to be published.  Instead, from 1992 on I wrote "Family Books" on specific individuals on our family lines.  Most of these remain unpublished but some went up as short websites after I began using the Internet.  

McReynolds Family


Cedar Slope

The Family

Wm. Ball

Arthur C. Pillsbury Foundation
            History                                                                 Research

The links above lead to websites with family history which I produced over the last 30 years.  Morgan may read it -- but she is still a lousy source for information.  One example is her consistent practice to rewrite history to suit her limited interest in history as fact, rather than a means to burnish her ego.  Always ask her for the source of her 'family connections.'  She could not seem to get straight the difference between Thomas Jefferson, not a relation, and James Wilson, who is a relation.  ​​ Morgan was always a constant source of chagrin and embarrassment,

Arthur C. Pillsbury was the photographer for Camp Curry and the NPS.  If you see an 'official photo' or one from Camp Curry dated in the 1920s, and absolutely before 1924, it is, doubtless by Grandfather. 

The stories which Father told me seemed impossible to believe.  While I understood this as what Dad believed it took me years of research to finally accept these stories as fact.  As I had begin doing to filfill my promise to Mother I also began researching Arthur C. Pillsbury, along with others whose stories could serve to ratify or disprove what I had been told.  From 1987 until Dad's death on March 5, 1991, I interviewed him multiple times, went over documents he was handling on to me, and began visiting libraries to scan documents and correlate dates.  

By 1995 the research had advanced on all fronts.  We were living in Santa Barbara.  Craig had been working for Green Hills Software, Inc., as Senior Vice President of Advanced Product Development since 1986.  He had been following the making of the movie, Braveheart by Mel Gibson when the copy of a book I had ordered, McReynolds, A Noble Clan, landed on my desk.  Suddenly, I had enormous insights into Mother's family history and the names of some of her ancestors, which were not Irish, but Scots.  Craig had strongly requested all of us attend the first day showing of Braveheart with him.  Craig was his mother's maiden name, carried by himself and all of his siblings as a middle name.  Craig's given name at birth was Allan Craig Franklin.  Despite our accompanying him to this long-awaited familial experience Craig was very unhappy when he left the movie theater. William Wallace had cut The Craig's head off in one slash for having betrayed their fight for freedom.  Craig leaped out of his seat in shock.  Ominous Parallels come in all kinds.

My political energies had moved on to the GOP because I was disgusted with what appeared to me to be either the incompetence or corruption I had encountered in the Libertarian Party.  Libertarian History  I decided to see how a major party operated.  Joining the National Federation of Republican Women, I was astonished to find out these ladies worked hard and accomplished enormous feats.  Slightly earlier, I had joined the Order of Eastern Star and then The Order of Amaranth.  These are both Masonic Orders for women.  I had been introduced to them through Dawn and Ayn's adventures in The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls.   

Morgan was much less than enthused by these activities. Van Halen having dropped out of her life, Morgan had changed 'careers'.  She had decided around 1988 her future was in the Entertainment Industry.  She wanted more money to pay for acting lessons and other things she deemed necessary.  I wanted to tell her to get a job - but for some reason incomprehensible to me at the time, Craig thought this was a fine idea.  And although Morgan, still living in an apartment we paid for, now acknowledged she was not going to college, her success in show business yielded only a few calls to be an extra.  She also failed to meet another prospect for Wealthy Husband.  
When not spending money on photo shoots and lessons she was telling people she had been James Dean in her past life.  Now, she runs around telling people I had sex with Jimmy, a distant cousin, when I was under six years of age.  Eventually, I realized if I had a special memory or accomplishment Morgan, would take steps to destroy the memory or attempt to steal credit for the accomplishment.  I knew Morgan well for nearly all of her life.  She has not a single accomplishment unless you count lying as one.

Jimmy apparently was making the rounds of his mother's friends when he came by our house.  Listening to the greetings and conversation between Jimmy and my mother and just watching them, told me Jimmy was remembered.  Mom invited him into the kitchen to have lunch.  Mom had just put my lunch, a Beanie Sandwich, potato chips and a plastic glass of milk, on my little table.  One strip of the sandwich was oozing onto my hand when Mom picked me up and replaced me in my little chair.  Jimmy asked if he could make his own sandwich.  The result was a story in itself. 

It is also possible John Wooden, the Basketball Coach at UCLA, acted as a conduit for information.  John Wooden and Dad were good friends, in and out of each other's houses because we lived on the same block of Colby Avenue.  John's daughter was a friend of my sister, Carol's.  This renewal of memories with his mother's friend and her family took place when I was from 2 - 3 years of age.  Mom invited Jimmy to stop by when he was around, and gave him our phone number, EX72815.  He came around occasionally, generally at lunch time. 

What mattered about these visits to me was having an adult listen to what I said, and take it seriously.  He listened, and was open to talking about things like what happens after you die.  On a later visit, Jimmy explained photosynthesis to me by saying, "Trees breathe.  They breathe in light - and breathe out life."   I will always remember and cherish those conversations with Jimmy.  As he did with understanding  photosynthesis and other mysteries I puzzled over as a very little girl, he found ways to make these mysteries accessible to a child.  It was from James Dean I learned the Quaker form of worship, enclosing myself in silence to pray.  It would be decades before I realized this was the Quaker faith he had experienced as a child himself.  To Morgan, what is elevating, kind, generous, or insightful is something to invite scorn.  

Mary Linda{Melinda) Pillsbury 1952

Morgan Realizes There is Another World Beyond Her
Normally, when you think of 'a world beyond' you are talking about life after death, faith, or our inquiries on these topics.  But for Morgan, this refers to, and I think this is likely the case for many psychopaths, areas of human inquiry which deeply reference conscience, empathy, and antisocial behavior.              Morgan consistently demonstrated anti-social behavior from the time she was a small child until today.  These included:  Using the apartment we were paying for, to start her younger siblings on cigarettes and alcohol.  She told them these were, "liberating and exciting," according to Arthur, who has never been able to stop smoking since.  I learned this only recently, but it explained a lot to me which was bewildering at the time.  This behavior on Morgan's part was taking place from 1990 on.  She was 23.  Her siblings were ages 15, 14, 12 & 7.    Arthur reported to me, as did Ayn, they were told not to tell me because, "I did not know how to enjoy myself."  If I had known, I would have insisted we stop supporting her; and I certainly would have informed Father.  This kind of behavior was not tolerated in our family.  The sexual improprieties Morgan as accused me of are outrageous.  She did not begin to publish these slanders and libels until after she married Jay E. Gell in 2005.  Jay has a filthy mind and a mouth to match.  
       This kind of ugly accusation is used by psychopaths because it works as a strategy.   Psychopathic individuals know such charges are so shocking and untrue they stun  their victim, the person accused, and paralyzes others who otherwise would do business with them.  Thus, the victim is isolated.   For me, this caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I could not bear to read what these paid operatives had written. It took me years to recover.   I suffered through these attacks from around 2005 until present.  But no more.  We are compiling these and a comprehensive rebuttal is coming, to be accompanied on TV and with legal action.   My associates know me and my values, have vetted Morgan and her 'assoicates' for who they really are.  We are no longer willing to tolerate these attacks on my good name.  
At the Reason event, which took place around 1989, all of us, Dolores and my daughters and myself,  went over to greet the renowned economist, Dr. Williams, chatted briefly, and left him to talk to others.  Glancing over from the lovely spread laid out for relieving any pangs of hunger, I noticed Morgan staring at Dr. Williams, who was laughing uproarously.  He arose at just that moment to speak.  It was an interesting tour of events and insights.  On the way home Morgan was, again, unusually quiet.  Someone, I think Dolores, asked her what subject had so amused Dr. Williams.  She had found a question to ask him, it seems.  After we had all left she posed the question of what basketball team he played for.  Dr. Williams is Black and very tall, which was the only data points Morgan evidently managed to absorb.  Dr. Williams still repeats this story with amusement. Morgan would then have been in her late 20s. 

Morgan had realized from this and other indications what there were men in economics, politics and law with whom I was acquainted.  It followed that some of them might be prospects.  This was the source of her interest in sitting the reception table at the coming conference.  Do not assume because Morgan was sitting at a table occasionally she was effective in that role.  I had wanted to bring Ayn home from college for the weekend to help but Morgan made it clear by screaming and following me around the house with threats, she would Take Steps if I did anything of the kind.  

I was confronting one of the many problems which haunt the family members of psychopaths.  I told myself I would deal with it later, after the conference.  But because I would then be confronting other problems, these caused by Craig, who was also a psychopath, this never happened.​  1996 - 1997 was the Year of the IRS Trauma LINK

Walter E. Williams

So, Morgan realized there was a potential for Wealthy Husband nominees within the formerly incomprehensible contacts I had politically and ideologically.  In the early 1990s, Morgan began talking to Craig, increasingly, about politics.  By letting him talk, she started to become conversant in current events, though this was never very deep. 

 Morgan incessantly bullied and intimidated me to write letters for her to Eugene Volokh, her nominee for Wealthy Husband.  From Morgan's viewpoint the fact Eugene had made over $1B solving the Y2K problem made him highly qualified for the role.  But she also expressed to me the opinion he was not bad looking.  Unfortunately for Morgan, Eugene was also extremely smart, with a measured IQ of 210.  Morgan was both uneducated and far less intelligent than anyone else in our family. 
Morgan began having sex with Eugene within two weeks, beginning the process of inserting herself into his life.  The relationship continued from early 1996 until September, 1998.  At the end of the relationship, Morgan would blame Craig Franklin, my estranged husband, for the break up.  It is certainly true Craig's behavior was incredibly bizarre.  Morgan reported that Craig demanded to be invited to Eugene's parties, where, to say the least, he did not fit in.  Craig was amazingly crude, while Eugene and his friends were polite and cultured.  Craig's table manners were 'root, gulp and fart.' However, since Morgan was being paid $5,000 a month by Craig and Dan to slander me, participate in conference calls on how to kill me off, and how to bring about the death of her brother; this seems a trifle petty of her.  Morgan reported on these calls in her bankruptcy, on what Craig later tried to characterize as a 'loan'.  Morgan comments she was really being paid to commit a felony; but since this was not convenient for Craig, she thought they had agreed the money would be considered a 'gift'.  The contrast between how she was treating me and how she expected to be treated is ironic.  

Eugene Volokh

From the answer Morgan presented to the court on who was participating in the conference calls.  "Dan O’Dowd of Green Hills Software in Santa Barbara and Michael Cloud, a political consultant in Boston Massachusetts. We all brainstormed on how to destroy Debtor and Defendant’s mother. In particular we talked about how this would kill her as she had just had a heart attack, and this would alienate her from all of her friends and political allies, her hobby for 24 years as a leader in the Libertarian Party of California.  Plaintiff even got Melinda kicked out of the Libertarian State Convention by hiring Michael Cloud (We have checks for $6,500 of payments) to slander her to the Chair of the Libertarian Party of California, Mark Hinkle.”  Document

There is also a distinct possibility Craig did this intentionally.   Morgan's utility to him was at an end and Craig enjoyed distroying the lives of women he had sex with.  On March 15, 2010, Anne Fisher sent me a letter warning me that Craig was thinking of hiring a hitman to kill me.  Craig's sexual obsession was incest.  It was for this reason he had insisted on adopting my children at the time we married in June 1989.  Morgan was well aware of this when she began working for Craig but likely lacked the introspection to realize that as soon as she had sex with him she was toast.  When Craig insisted Morgan sign an IOU for the money she had earned by slandering me and plotting my death with Craig and Dan, he was also taking steps to ensure that he would have proof he had not had sex with her.  But the fact he did this proves he did.  

Morgan threw herself into destroying me, her mother, as soon as funds were offered.  Ironically, it was Craig who insisted we stop supporting Morgan, this in October of 1997.  Morgan was then 30 and except for her hopes of marriage to Engene had no expectations for a job of any kind.  I was surprised Craig insisted on cutting her off because we finally had the money to support her without running ourselves into debt.  In retrospect, it is clear Craig told Morgan it was my idea.  It was not.  I was entirely focused on ensuring Arthur survive the severe motorcycle accident which had put his life in danger on September 27 that year.  Morgan ignored the problems and needs of everyone but herself and now I wonder at how I could have tolerated so much for so long.  

The hope John Fund would marry her should have died when Morgan realized she had enjoyed the template Fund used on all his sexual conquests.  This included taking them out to dinner at the Firebird Restaurant in New York and later taking them to New Orleans.  Even the trip on the Paddle-Wheeler was the same Morgan told me, having assembled the evidence, probably from the detrius heaped up on Fund's floor.  Morgan sorted through this morass and discovered, by her report, much she did not know.  

But in late 1998, when she first hopped into bed with Fund, she clearly felt this was a triumph of no small proportions.  An announcement of my death was expected and then, one roadblock to perfect happiness would have been eliminated for Morgan and also two men who met with her on Conference Calls to bring about my death.  

Throw Momma From the Train - The Fantasies of Craig Franklin & Dan O'Dowd
     Late 1997 - Dan O'Dowd, President of Green Hills Software, Inc. had a fantasy, to have more money than Bill Gates.  Craig Franklin, Senior Vice President of Advanced Product Development, also had a fantasy, to rape little girls and, when these are not available, to rape older girls, who trust him as him as a father-figure.  There were two road blocks between each of them and fulfillment, Glenn Hightower, Dan's Mentor, who funded Green Hills Software, and me, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.  Therefore, Craig and Dan adopted the Throw Momma From the Train strategy.  
     Craig's part of the scheme was ensuring Glenn was unable to complete his due diligence after Dan challenged him to Raise $47M. a paltry amount since GHS was then valued at $350M.  Craig enticed the critical employees to walk out on the day the due diligence was conducted.  Dan was to take all steps necessary to ensure I was left, fundless, homeless and, if possible, dead.  Morgan signed on to help as soon as she realized Craig would pay her $5,000 a month for her assistance.  This included participating in conference calls with Craig, Dan O'Dowd, Michael Emerling Cloud, and Scott Franklin, Craig's son from his first marriage, to come up with ways to kill me off.  When Craig realized that his lie about having adopted my children would not keep him from providing support to our son,
Arthur, Craig intentionally attempted to drive Arthur to suicide.  When Arthur, despite having shot himself through the brain did not die, Craig paid Morgan $10,000 to persuade me to turn off Arthur's life S\support.  Morgan lied to me saying she needed Arthur's heart because she needed a heart transplant herself.  I had been assigned a social worker for the process of donating Arthur's organs but the idea of doing so was intolerable to me.  
A miracle occured.  Arthur turned his head and I could see that despite days of flatlined brain activity he was back. Morgan was disappointed. Morgan and Craig are in a close competition for Most Evil Psychopath.  If you want to vote on which is most evil VOTE HERE    See Bankruptcy.

September 1998 - Lost Volokh; Found Fund

Eugene dumped Morgan in September 1998.  On October 26, 1998, Morgan had jumped into bed with John Fund.  I strongly suggest you listen to The Tape Morgan made in September of 1999 to persuade me that, for once, she had not lied to me.  The transcript is also available on the page.  The voices are Morgan and John Fund.  They are discussing me, Melinda.

I had realized John Fund was was planting untrue stories by calling to 'share' these with people who were well placed to communicate these to prominent people several years before.  I was placed to do this successfully but not at all inclined to do so.   John Fund had lied his way into prominence in the Libertarian Party of California and then into a job at the Wall Street Journal because of his willingness to place false stories and also hill stories which the NeoCons aka Deep State, did not want known.  

Morgan and John Fund were very similar in many ways.  The differences were that Morgan was functionally illiterate and Fund could not be trusted not to destroy his own computer through misuse.  The battle of wills which went on between them in 2001 until they joined forced to eliminate me was shocking, especially to me! 

John H. Fund

I was incredibly incredulous, now that I reexamine those years.  I could not believe that beautiful little girl I had loved so much could have wanted me dead and been disappointed I had not obliged her.  The next part of the story takes us into the events surrounding September 11, 2001 and the connection between those events and Craig and Dan.  This came as a surprise to me, not because I thought them incapable of profiting from such an event but because it did not occur to me they had the means for doing so.  But they did, thanks to John Fund and his shooting buddy, Dick Cheney. 

Next:  Dick Cheney kills 1million Iraqis, and 3,000 on Sept.11, 2001 for his Oil Buddies