Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

The 'Affidavits' & Morgan's Desperation

The Lies Morgan Tells 
and Why She Tells Them
Just Show Her the Money

Morgan's only career has been being paid to slander me.  On line, you will read an enormous number of lies told about me which Morgan plants on the Internet and tells people with whom I am working.  

Morgan, with the assistance of a cadre of other paid agents, stalks me unmercifically.  This is the best job she can ever have, but it is coming to and end.

At first, when I started reading the lies Morgan was telling about me, I felt as if my life had drained away; I was in shock.  Then came outrage accompanied by the sensation someone was tearing out my heart. 

Morgan Today, age 51

Morgan, age 32

This was the child I loved with my whole being. How could she do this to me?  The answer is simple.  Morgan is a psychopath and her entire career, since her looks apparently have faded, has been her usefulness to those who need to destroy my credibility.   

In 1996 I wrote another of several poems for Morgan.  This is one of them.

"I love you.  There is no range or boundary to my caring.
I love you now, as I did before, and as I will....
Time out of mind and on...Unvarying. " 

I read it to her on her birthday.  There was a pause, then she said, "What is that?"  I responded that it is a poem.  Another pause.  "That was a waste of time.  But I need you do something for me and if you don't I'll make you miserable."   As had all too often been the case, I was bewildered and stunned at her reaction.  Processing the pain which had filled my life still remained in the future.  Morgan went on to ask me to write emails for her to Eugene Volokh, emails which would persuade him she understood politics and read books.  This was a daunting job and caused twinges ot guilt, just thinking about it.  But after two weeks of daily harangues, I told her I would write some intelligent and well informed emails. 

Morgan is a liar, a thief, a calloused predator to whom nothing matters but getting what she wants.  If you know her and are emotionally normal, you will begin to recognize her behavior and lies for what they are, as I eventually did myself.

Morgan, Craig, Dan O'Dowd, Scott Franklin & Michael Emerling  Cloud


We have compiled Morgan's libels and slanders for multiple purposes.  More are added as we locate them.  The most in one location can be found at MotganPillsburyGell.blogspot.com

I copied these vile, stomach-wrenching lies, 100 pages of them from Morgan's website.  When I went to look today the site had been taken down. 
Jay quotes me, correctly, as saying, “Gell is the man who married my oldest daughter, having gotten her pregnant within hours, or days, of having made her acquaintance in 2004.”  Jay has made up a fiction to cover-up the the reality that he is a con-artist who most likely went after Morgan to contain her impact on John Fund's reputation.  He had never talked to her until the plan for Morgan to return to the home of Martha and Eric Buchanan, who live in Roswell, Georgia, was settled.  Morgan was persuaded to stop in Charlotte, NC so Jay could 

Jay's Lies
"#1 Morgan Francis Pillsbury is not Melinda's oldest daughter!

This is a fact the must be considered. Morgan was not taken home from the hospital by Melinda at birth, she was taken home by her grand parents who raised her and later adopted her. Morgan was not raised by Melinda. Morgan was haunted and harassed, manipulated and abused by Melinda throughout her life. ( This True Story book should be on the bookshelves very very soon! In spite of themelinda's attempts to thwart such publication.)"

MP-F - Read Morgan's Early Life     This is a bald assertion not supported by the facts.   

"#2 I had numerous hour of phone conversations with Morgan before she came to Charlotte. We had began talking in early 2003 through July 2004 when Morgan arrived in Charlotte. Melinda would have the readers believe that Morgan is immoral or sexually promiscuous by this statement. " 

MP-F - Morgan is immoral and sexually promiscuous. My sister, Anne, refused to have her in her home anymore because Morgan, then in her teens, was attempting to seduce Anne's orchid clients. Anne called and told me I would have to take over since we could not have her living with our parents again because of her behavior toward them.  I let her move in with us.  Soon after afterward Morgan began a sexual relationship with Eddie Van Halen and began attempting to break up his marriage.  This was the first step on her quest for a wealthy husband,  No. 2 was Eugene Volokh, the next John Fund, who she jumped into bed with on October 16, 1998

MP-F - Morgan accepted payment as part of a conspiracy to bring about my death and the death of her brother, Arthur.  She steals when ever possible and put her silbings in danger intentionally and apparently for the pleasure of it.   Read this document, an answer written by Morgan to the attempt by Craig Franklin, who paid her for her efforts to kill me and my son, Arthur.  Morgan wrote it.  Court Document     

Jay - #3 We decided in early August 2004 that we would get married, we set plans for this to occur on the next Valentines Day (February 14th 2005). We did in fact wed as planned. Our 1st son was born in June 2005 this is true. But “pregnant within hours, or days, of having made her acquaintance in 2004” is an absolute Verifiable LIE by the self proclaimed “journalist”, or she is just terrible with math as counting back from late June to late September is nine months. Not to mention our oldest son was born three weeks early by Cesarian Section due to his size and the problem Morgan had with the angle and opening in her cervix. This Notation means that the original “Due Date” was around the second week of July 2005. Morgan and I had over six weeks getting to know each other before we became romantically involved. This is one of the reasons themelinda is so hostile and hateful towards Morgan, she is insanely jealous. Melinda wrote her father demanding he pay her child support after Morgan was about 20 years old and had been asked by Melinda to become the "live-in" baby sitter for her and Craig."

MP-F - Morgan told me she was pregnant and wanted me to help her do something about it. I am pro-life, and refused.  Morgan is not trustworthy to care for a cat, let alone children.  We rented her an apartment, for which we, not she, paid, because she was constantly causing fights.  This was another one of the reasons Anne would not have her around.  Not only was she promiscuous she did all possible to get Anne's children to fight.  Without Morgan there things were pretty peaceful.  In 1986, when Morgan moved in Dawn was going on 12, Ayn was about 12 that year.  I had no need of a babysitter because I was there nearly all of the time.  As Dawn and Ayn got older they were well capable of overseeing the house as long as Morgan was not around - and she  wasn't because she rarely came by after we, to our relief, rented her the apartment near where she was supposedly going to college.  She lied about that, too.  Read Little Carolyn and the next page

Jay - "#4 Not only does Morgan have the love of a good man and her own family, she had the love of her grandparents that Melinda could never achieve because of her own self righteous indignation and underlying psychiatric disorders."

MP-F - That is funny.  My parents got very tied of Morgan's demands for more and more and more.  Read about Little Carolyn.  I was the person who contacted Jay, not Morgan.  I was looking for characters for a book Morgan had conned me into writing, GREED - The NeoConning of America .  I wrote it.  Morgan was supposed to promote it.  Naturally, she proved to be incompetent at that as well.  It received very good reviews, however.  Gayle Guthrie, the first woman to hold a seat on the Chicago Exchange said this: “Riveting…………..this is the ‘de Vinci Code’ for political junkies.”  

Jay - "#5 In addition to these fact herein themelinda hopes that the attention to her own sexual deviance are forgotten or overshadowed however, it is a FACT that Melinda Pillsbury-Foster was pregnant by Allen Craig Franklin with her youngest son Justin (the idiot savant) Foster while married to Ronald Foster who had a vasectomy."

MP-F - I had become pregnant when Craig raped me while I was asleep.  We had stopped because he had too much to drink at a party.  He immediately apologized and because I am pro-life, not like Morgan who aborted her baby with Fund, I sent out announcements before Justin was born.  Ron was not even upset.  We were both dating others and had agreed the year before to a divorce.  This had not taken place because Ron had to finish the room addition he had started using a loan from my parents.  This was paid back, by the way.  Dad offered me $15,000 before he died to pay for the printing of the book on Grandfather I was researching at his request.  

Jay - "If that is not enough complication, Melinda had John Fund (of WJS) believing “it” was his. Melinda and Justin tried to get Fund to take a paternity test so she could attempt to get child support from Fund, after Justin was over 18 years old. This means that she was sleeping with Craig and Fund at the same time at very least. Just to top her morality cloud off with a silver lining, Melinda had for years advocated an open marriage with multiple partners and even bragged to “close friends” that she had to be sleeping with four guys at the same time.
MP-F - There is not a shred of truth to the statement above.  Fund could never have been Justin's father.  The only occasion on which John and I had sex had been in 1982 when Fund came down to LA and I picked him up at the bus station.  I saw John at a convention in February of 1983, but we did not have sex.  I did have to walk him back to his room because he was drunk, however.  So maybe when I called to tell him I would not be able to carry through on helping him with a project because of the ghastly morning sickness he jumped to that conclusion, not being able to remember what had actually happened.  He actually hung up on me.  I called him to explain why I was cutting back on projects and said, "John, I'm pregnant."  That was all I got out because he hung up.  I did not bother to call back because I saw no reason to do so. He had not let me finish my sentence but I had other things on my mind.  Really, before coming up with these bizarre stories someone should have asked me.   Morgan was no more capable of correctly reporting a conversation or a joke than she was of remembering the family was not related to Thomas Jefferson but to James Wilson, also a Signer of the Declaration but not nearly as well known. 

I think the source of Morgan's tale came after one of the occasions when I discovered Craig had never filed his IRS Returns, as he had promised to do before we married.  I was enmeshed in papers, struggling to keep the house from being foreclosed, and had suffered a heart attack.  Morgan had come up to see how it was going; not to help, mind you, just find out how long it would be until I had the money to rent her an apartment in West Los Angeles, closer to Eugene.  I had discovered the Tax Returns I paid to have done for Craig by Doug Thorburn in one of the boxes Craig has secreted at work before coming down with what he reported as Diabetes.  Additionally, Craig had battered me into unconsciousness a short time before.  Morgan attested to having witnessed this in the Uncertified Deposition of 2001. 

I have never advocated open marriage.  But as a Libertarian I accept the right of others to follow their own ideas as long as all relationships are consentual and no fraud or coercion is involved.  Now, Morgan has never had a relationship of any kind, except, perhaps with Jay, which was not founded on fraud and coercion.  Morgan worked to keep those useful to her, for instance myself, of the facts.  Just one example of this is her violation of trust in providing alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana to her siblings as she exhorted them not to tell me.  Arthur was not the only one who was endangered.  Arthur Statement

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