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Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

Diane Sykes

While John Fund was living at the apartment I rented in Manhattan for Morgan and myself Fund used my phone to make calls to women.  To say this is bad form understates the case.  But these calls took place in early 2001, two years after Fund claims to have ended his relationship with Morgan.  He had done no such thing.  

Fund told me he loved Morgan in early 2000.  He said he intended to marry her.  I had warned him what she was like but he persisted in seeing her, having sex with her and in all ways visible to me, have an ongoing relationship with her.  That he was actually lying is now evident.  He took advantage of my support and friendship and good hopes for Morgan's future when I still had hope.  His attacks since then have displayed a lack of conscience which is unthinkable to a normal person.  The John Fund, Craig, Green Hills Software and Fund's friends, Cheney and Rove have played a part in this removes any consideration except to expose all of those involved.  Diane was involved with Fund and the evidence is here.  She uses two emails in this correspondence.  One is [email protected]  The other is [email protected]

Morgan is a psychopath but Fund had no right to abuse her, and he did.  I saw it and I heard it.   John Fund gives every sign of being a psychopath as well.  In many ways I now think they deserved each other - but neither I or my family deserved to be treated the way we were.  So, Diane, take responsibility for your choices as I have had to do.  

This is the truth.  The phone number called from my phone in early 2001 was Diane Sykes Mobile number.  I strongly doubt Diane knew what Fund was doing.  Now she does and can, perhaps, revisit the multiple lies Fund doubtless told her.  
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