Pillsbury Gell

Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

The Fund Years

October 26, 1998 - February 19, 2002

The Length of the Relationship between John Fund and Morgan Pillsbury

On October 26, 1998 John Fund began a sexual relationship with John Fund.  The relationship began when Fund invited Morgan to go out to the Firebird Restaurant with him in NY while she was with her ‘adopted’ father and employer, Craig Franklin.  Franklin was then paying Morgan $5,000 a month to libel and slander Melinda Pillsbury-Foster devise dirty tricks to increase her stress level with the intention of causing a fatal heart and performing other services for Franklin elated to his sexual goals. 

Morgan, who had been living in Los Angeles, moved to Jersey City, not far from John Fund. In late February Morgan realized she was pregnant.  She discussed her options with Fund.  From the Tape made by Morgan during a phone conversation between herself and Fund in late September 1999 you see Fund’s views on abortion.  At the time, Fund was viewed as Pro-Life and opposed to abortion.   This was untrue, especially if he was the impregnator. 

Section of the Transcript from the Tape, recorded in late September early October 1999 by Morgan Pillsbury immediately played for her biological mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

MORGAN: Well I didn't think that you cared about the situation. I mean I know that you cared about what was going on but I didn't see (INTERRPUTION IN TAPE) any alternative.

JOHN FUND: You never gave me one.

MORGAN: I ...if you had called me back when I told you I was gonna have an abortion and you said think this over we have an alternative then things would have been different John but as far ...when I left that message on your voice mail you called me back and said is there anything I can do. Can I pay for it?


JOHN FUND: Jesus Christ.

MORGAN: You never once before I got that abortion suggested to me that there was any alternative.

JOHN FUND: I believe you'd already made your decision.

MORGAN: I didn't know what to do. I was hysterical.

JOHN FUND: You told me you already made your decision.

MORGAN: I never,..I said that I had made the decision to have an abortion if you had said there are alternatives. I would have listened to you. But as far as I knew you were just saying to me well that just fine. That's what I want. If you had said no Morgan I have a real problem with it. Let's discuss alternatives then things would have been different but what am I suppose to do. I told you the situation. (PAUSE) I was moving to a place I didn't know all alone. I'm suppose to have a baby.


JOHN FUND: Sighs. Look (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) You choose to believe the worst in me and you choose to believe and you've got this very elaborate system where mother has shared some of my e-mails with me including some of the things in which I tried to deny something because I did not know at the time I was denying something she already knew. And if you choose to take Umbridge at that, that cover story and the other things that I came up with to try to protect myself and protect you I thought indirectly that's fine. I understand why you are upset and why you are mad. I know what I said, I know what the truth was and I know what lies I told and I know what I did. And I also know what I talked to you about and I also know what you choose not to remember now and obviously were are not going to have any resolution of this. You're mad at me and I'm mad at you.

MP-F The true mark of a Straussian:  Lying to protect yourself is always permissible if you are speaking politically or to an outraged mother.

MORGAN: Oh, now you're mad at me I thought you were disappointed. (THERE IS A PAUSE) We've moved up.

JOHN FUND: We've just moved up because of this ridiculous conversation that you have and in which it took me, it took me, it took me ..the ability to finally get mad for you to confess that I wasn't completely uncaring and unfeeling about it. It took you a long time to come up with them I had to get mad at you to get...

MORGAN: How come you didn't tell me at the time that you didn't want me to have an abortion?

JOHN FUND: I didn't say I didn't want you to. I said I was willing to discuss it with you. You told me what your decision was. And you were crying and all of that. The last thing I was going to try to do was to talk to you about it.

MORGAN: Well you know ...I was crying in February. You could have called me back before I had the abortion. Actually I was crying in March. You could have called me back and we could have discussed it but you never wanted to sit down and discuss it. I thought if you're so right to life and all this good stuff which you did tell me you were..

JOHN FUND: No, no, no. Morgan, Morgan (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) We agreed earlier that we should have had a conversation. I never told you I was a strict right to lifer. I have respect for life and I also make judgment calls and I also have variations on that theme.

MORGAN: No, I'm sorry I misspoke. You did not tell me you were a right to lifer. Okay. You told me that you didn't..you had respect for life. I remember that part of the conversation. We had a discussion about it. But never once in that discussion did you offer me an alternative. Did you say you know you don't have to do this Morgan? You never said that. Do you agree?

JOHN FUND: I never said that. (THERE IS A PAUSE) you also told me what your decision was unilaterally.

MORGAN: No, I told you I decided to have an abortion cause I could not ...

JOHN FUND: ...which your decision...decision (both talking at once)

MORGAN: And you know what it was partially your decision too because this was your kid. If you felt that and you know ...if you took responsibility for it  you could have said think about, lets think about it. Why didn't you say that? (PAUSE) Why didn't you offer me an alternative? Do I have to do all the talking? (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) You're taking someone who is emotionally distraught over this whole thing.

JOHN FUND: I was too.

MORGAN: Her very first abortion.

JOHN FUND: I was too.

MORGAN: And not suggest something to me I mean I didn't know what to do, John.

JOHN FUND: You told me you already decided what you were going to do.

MORGAN: Well I offer that as a suggestion because I knew..

JOHN FUND: Morgan, don't give me this crap you told me what you were going to do.

MORGAN: I know, I called back and told you I've decided to have an abortion and I've scheduled it. But did you call me back and say you don't have to do this. No. It's something we should've discussed because we're both involved.


MORGAN: And you think I needed emotional help when I got back here and I found Orcero(TK)...Do you know that some of the baby came out.


JOHN FUND: I've had an, I've had an awful lot of details sent to me.

MORGAN: On what the abortion now. Are you serious. This must be something you just got. (THERE IS A LONG PAUSE) Oh what ___ sent you detailing the whole thing. Is that what happened now.

MP-F - (It is illuminating to listen to the Tape or read the entire transcript.  After I realized some small part of the lies Morgan had told me in the spring of 1998 I stopped talking to her entirely.  There was no communication except the statements Ayn passed on to me.  I was angry and entirely engaged with the care of my son, Arthur, who had suffered two Traumatic Breain Injuries.  The first from a near fatal motorcycle accident on September 27, 1997, the second from an attempted suicide attempt brought on my his adopted  father, my estranged husband, Craig Franklin, on March 22, 1998.  When I heard the Tape I was stunned, in no small part because Morgan had told me some truths.  But only some, and when, years later, I listened to the Tape a second time I realized how much I had missed. If you want to understand Morgan, read this site.  That is what it is here for. )  

I called Fund in March of 1999, approximately seven months earlier because Ayn, my youngest daughter, then working at PR NewsWire in Los Angeles, and a graduate of Hillsdale College, was living near Morgan in West Los Angeles.  Ayn told me Morgan had boasted to her she, Morgan, was in a romantic relationship with John Fund.  Ayn said she did not believe this to be true.  Neither did I.  Morgan, we knew from experience, was oblivious current events, ideologies and politics.  Morgan and Fund had nothing in common.  We both had overlooked a strong interest in Star Wars and Star Trek as relevant.

After consideration, I decided Fund should be warned about Morgan’s unethical impulses.  As it turned out Fund made this entirely unnecessary.

When Fund answered the phone I said hello and immediately told him what Ayn had related to me; that he was in a romantic relationship with Morgan.  Before I could say another word, Fund denied having any such relationship with Morgan and rushed on to tell me he was engaged to an attorney in Chicago.  He did admit to feeding Morgan’s cat for her while she was out of town. 
Relieved, I rang off congratulating him on his coming nuptials. 

Morgan called me in late September or early October to ask for money.   She began to relate the many problems she was facing.  She said she was in a relationship with Fund, had aborted his baby the previous March; had just seen him in Colorado at the David Horowitz event there, and thought she might be pregnant again.  Although I do not approve of prohibiting abortion, I am pro-life.  I was shocked by this.    Abortion Record

I flatly told Morgan this was not true; Fund had told me he was engaged to an attorney the previous March. An argument ensued, interrupted when Morgan told me to hold so she could take a call. 

After several minutes I hung up and attempted to call Morgan.  Morgan did not pick up. Less than ten minutes later Morgan called and said, “Don’t say anything.  Just listen.”  I listened. 

I hate being lied to, I really, really do.  I called Fund to remonstrate with him for lying.  He hung up on me, blocked his phone and bounced my emails. 

Three minutes later a FAX was on its way to the central receiving point for the Wall Street Journal.  Less than an hour later Fund had unblocked; and apologized.  I was later told by a WSJ employee it had been copied at least five times on the way up to Fund’s office.  He also blamed me, or Morgan, depending on how crabby he was, for losing his promised job as a Bush W. Speech Writer.  Instead he was assigned the job of writing a book on the boring subject of Election Fraud. 

Morgan and I were having a late dinner with Fund after a Libertarian event when Fund decided to unburden himself on this subject. 

Fund had admitted he was in a relationship with Morgan and asked me to give them time to talk in late 1999, after the Fax Incident.    
In January the house in Santa Barbara was sold. New York was another world I had always wanted to get to know, so I established a residence in Manhattan.   Morgan had shared with me some of the shocking things which had been happening beyond my knowledge with Green Hills Software, Inc. (GHS). Some of this I knew – but now I realized just how much had remained hidden.

A short time after she had made the recording of Fund Morgan did the same with Craig, my former husband.  TRANSCRIPT

Morgan also told me about Fund having answered the phone early in the morning on October 27, 1998.  This had resulted in Craig’s dashing over to say hello as he and Fund engaged in a broad range of topics in a lengthy discussion. This proved to very significant to future events, including the rise of the Attack Drone Industry.

Morgan was in NY on a lengthy jaunt to NY, London and Paris to console her for her recent break-up with Eugene Volokh, the programming savant who had solved the problem of Y2K when he was 14.  Eugene’s Dad and Mother took care of the marketing, which brought in about $2B.  Eugene, who had already graduated from UCLA in Computer Science when he was 14, went back to get his law degree there.  By the time he was 19 he was clerking for Sandra Day O’Connor. Later returning to UCLA to teach law, help found the Federalist Society and devise ths strategy for Ken Starr in the Monica Lewinsky Trial.

Taping him from her phone in Jersey City to his hotel room in Atlanta Georgia, where he was attending an Advocates for Self-Government Conference, she managed to get him reveal on Transcript of Tape the method attempted to recharacterize the stock, to be exercised for me by Craig, from our marital division of property. 

Craig and Dan O’Dowd, President of GHS, had come up with a title for their conspiracy to defraud and/or impoverish or kill me and Dan’s  partner, who had funded GHS start-up in 1982.  Chuckling, they referred to this as the “Throw Momma From The Train”  Strategy.  Outraged, now that I understood what they had been doing (at least part of it) I sued.  Morgan agreed to give a deposition.  This is the document, still uncertified since the lawsuit settled, that John Fund would receive in 2003.  Craig, with the eager agreement of Dan O’Dowd, would obtain a copy from the GHS attorney, tuck  it into a Postage Paid GHS envelope, take with him to have dinner with Anne Fisher, his new girlfriend, to brag about their cleverness, and then send off to John Fund.  By this time GHS was dominating the attack drone industry.  Anne shared this event with me in 2009, after the reality which is Craig had dawned on her.

At this point I did not yet know about the involvement of Dick Cheney; that came later.

But these events were still in the future. 

In January of 2000 I was looking for an apartment in NY, which I found on 34th Street in the Rivergate on the 28th Floor. Morgan moved in to give her a base of operations for finding a job.  And her relationship with Fund was back on a solid footing.  At Fund’s request he and I met at El Parador Café, a Mexican restaurant at 352 34th one block from my new apartment in the Rivergate Apartments.  Over dinner, Fund told me he was in love with Morgan, wanted to marry her. 

I ended up spending very little time in NY in 2000. My son, Arthur was not happy with the people I had found for him to live with and my other son was not thriving.  I was needed in California. 

I learned only after closing the apartment in NY that Fund had been living there when he was not on the road.  This revelation came by way of my  bookkeeper who asked about my phone bill, which reflected calls which were made when she knew I was not in NY.  Morgan had her own landline and was also surprised, immediately requesting a copy of the bills so she could check on who had made the calls.  It seems Fund had been calling his women friends from my bedroom in my absence.  This was accompanied by romantic emails Morgan found to at least one of these women, Diane Sykes. 

The apartment next door was occupied by Curtis Siliwa, founder of Guardian Angels.  Morgan, I discovered, had been renting out my room to people who needed a room for the night, a very early version of AirB2B.   Siliwa had seen Fund entering the apartment.  Dan Asa Rose, then a member of the Democratic Central Committee for Manhattan, who heard Fund’s voice coming from Morgan’s bedroom. 

These events took place in 2000.  In his pleadings Fund lied, saying his relationship with Morgan had ended.  Liar, liar, pants on fire. 

Morgan flew to NY with me to give a deposition in the case I had filed against Green Hills Software, Inc., who had defrauded both me and the founder of the company Glenn Hightower.  After giving her deposition, Morgan returned to NY in late April. 

On May 1, 2001, Morgan was the first person Fund called upon discovering the Blumenthal lawsuit had been dropped and he was clear of charges of lying on his deposition. But Morgan had been led to expect she and Fund would be living together, as they had for most of the previous year. 

Outraged at this betrayal, Morgan persuaded John Connolly to write an article about Fund and his infidelities.  Fund learned about the article was being written from Connolly, who had informed him of this. 

From Connolly, we learn Fund reacted by attempting to place false stories about two people from Talk Magazine, where the article was to be run, in Page Six at the NY Post.

Fund also contacted his attorney John J. Walsh, paying him to call Talk Magazine, telling them lies about the article being written by Connolly.   Fund was billed for this service in November, a quarterly accounting, it appears.  Letter, Billing and Accounting

Sometime in July Fund called Morgan and they begin talking.  He had become conciliatory and, in late July asked Morgan to move in with him to “work on their relationship”.  

Morgan confronted the hideous conditions of Fund’s apartment.  Fund leaves here there along for two weeks while he is on a business trip. 

Fund’s invitation to move in and ‘work on their relationship’ might have been sincere even if later Fund lied about this.  But another likelihood is that Connolly, who called Fund to inform him the article was being written, made the offer to Morgan so she would be motivated to stop the publication of the article.  The events and timing support either scenario. But Morgan believed Fund wanted to marry her at this point, this impression originating in her conversations with Fund.  

Morgan reported to me the first scenario, and did so with delight, using the phrase, ‘work on our relationship.’  She never mentioned having been told Connolly had contacted Fund  about the article and on at least one occasion commented to me on how surprised Fund would be.  And I suspect he was since had taken so many steps to prevent this from taking place.  

After moving in Morgan was on the phone to me several times a day, asking for advice on how to carry out the clean-up.  This included cleaning supplies required, places to acquire new furniture, pest extermination, dealing with the utility companies, and a report every time she found another uncashed check.  Morgan had already been tasked with replacing bank cards, which Fund lost regularly. 

Morgan routinely performed these domestic jobs for Fund.  On December 5, 2001, Fund emailed her asking her to pick up another Citibank Card for him.  EMAIL  Morgan also told me Fund taught her to forge his signature, and how to make the little squiggle under his name.  He always did this on checks, he told Morgan.  It would be possible in litigation to subpeona old bank records and see how many of the signatures bear Fund's signature and how many are Morgan's paying for such routine costs as utilities.  

Since Morgan was able to have bank cards replaced there was no reason she could not have had these reauthorized without Fund’s knowledge and banked the money for herself.  She did not consider doing so, however.  She expressed excitement on showing Fund how diligent and clever she had been.  She turned these over to Fund and he kept them, saying he would give her the money.  But this did not happen.  And during this period Fund’s behavior toward Morgan changed dramatically.

He began formalized interrogations every time he returned home.  If she did something he had forbidden she was ‘disciplined.’  I never heard this carried out but Morgan obviously feared it and asked me if this was normal. 

Fund did give Morgan these checks, but he waited to do so until she was moving out. This is memorialized in the EMAIL to her from his dowjones.com account on January 19, 2002.

Fund then claimed the funds were stolen and had Morgan’s account frozen.  Morgan was given no recourse; she was not charged, which would have given her the opportunity to explain what had transpired.  It appears that a woman known to Fund named Michele Davis, in the Department of Treasury may have carried this out on Fund’s behalf. Otherwise, how could this have taken place without allowing Morgan a hearing? 

Morgan left on January 19th, moving into the apartment I had rented for her.  But it is very possible Fund did not know Morgan had any financial backup and believed she would be left homeless by his action.  It is also possible Fund was carrying out orders from Dick Cheney with which he did not entirely agree. 

However, the two, provably had a relationship which included all of the elements of marriage, with Morgan handling the bills for the home entirely while they were living together at Fund's apartment inf Jersey City; Fund lived at my home with Morgan for most of 2000 and the bills were paid for him.  He contributed nothing toward the costs, according to Morgan.  Of course, perhaps he did and she just kept the money.  They communicated constantly while Morgan was in California from February until late April and were communicating until they moved in together in July.    

This means Fund lied dramatically in his Answer and this matter needs to be revisited, if not by the Criminal InJustice System, by the court of public opinion. 

NOTE:  I only realized Morgan was a psychopath in 2012.  These events provide useful insights into the behavior family members experience from their disordered family members.  I hope this has provided useful insights on the problems.  

The InJustice System