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Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

The Gell Years
Jay E. Gell's Home - 2004 
2004 - Present 

What do you say when what seems like a loss is actually a blessing?
by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

      My third daughter, Ayn, suggested with complete frankness, "Why don't we just let John Fund solve the problem for us?"  Ayn made this remark to me in all earnestness.  I do not doubt for a moment she meant it with heart-felt sincerity, and by knowing Morgan far better than I ever had.  Morgan had to simulate some kind of connection to me to pull off the series of cons she played out on me over the years.  
       For years, Morgan had effectively persuaded my younger children to withhold from me facts which would have made it possible for me to see through her lies and evasions.  These facts seeped through only after Morgan had finished her trip to Georgia in Charlotte, North Carolina, moving into the mobile home or trailer rented by Jay.  I had not inquired about his personal life before Morgan arrived because it was not relevant to using his story, fictionalized, as a character in my book, Greed:  The NeoConning of America, then being written.  I was astonished when Morgan confided to me she was pregnant.  This took place after she had put off her arrival at the Buchanan's home in Georgia several times. 
          Before that, she had told me, with excitement, Eddie Van Halen had visited her while she was staying at Arthur Prager's home in Sag Harbor.  Since he was now divorced I assumed she would likely end up living with or married to him.  So, news of her pregancy was surprising.  Since she had aborted Fund's child I asked what her intentions were on this.  I knew Jay was in an entirely different socio-economic group than the one to which she was accustomed.   I had inklings of this when Jay, entirely unsoliticted, sent me pictures of the work he was doing on his home prior to Morgan's arrival.  The image above is one of those I received, except that I cropped it so it was not at an angle.  This was a double surprise since I had only introduced him to Morgan about a week before.  
           Jay then told me he had been looking for a Russian Bride.  I refrained from comment as is polite when hearing unexpectedly personal comments from someone one knows only professionally.  It did not occur to me Morgan would take Jay seriously as a suitor while she was seeing Eddie Van Halen.  But I was wrong.  

Perhaps it was Jay's sense of beauty and touch for decorating which turned Morgan's eyes away from Eddie.  Below you see the shots which surprised me, apparently intended to impress on me his stylish approach to interior design.  
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director

And, of course, Eddie might just have been trifling with Morgan. 
We will never know.

     Eddie Van Halen does have some habits which, by report, are less than abstentious.  But he is credited with being a superb musician, one who makes his guitar sing, scream, and exalt the listener.  What I read upon writing this brief narrative should include the odd story Morgan told me that year.  This would have occured at the time of her birthday on July 5th, at the time the two, by her report, had renewed their relationship.  
       Morgan told me she had asked Eddie to send her some small token on her birthday, since he never had while they were 'dating'.  He asked what she wanted and she, she told me she asked for a bouquet or roses to be placed on the grave of Ruffian, the filly who broke her leg in a match race but refused to stop running.  Ruffian is buried at Belmont near the flag pole, her nose pointed toward the finish line.  
       Later, Morgan told me Eddie had a huge pile of roses placed on the grave.  It is a moving story and Ruffian deserved the recognition. 
        I put the story in Greed: The NeoConning of America but have no idea if it actually took place or if Morgan did renew her relationship with Van Halen - if such a relationship ever existed.  
       Jay has tried to claim he knew Morgan earlier, but Morgan had no reason to lie to me.  My own, single experience with meeting Jay, this taking place in April 2005 at their home in Charlotte, was unremarkable except for Morgan showing me the holes in the walls upstairs which she said Jay made when he was annoyed.  
        My other insight came from Robert Evan (Van) Hughes, to whom Jay introduced me with the lie he was competent to handle the negotiation with Green Hills Software, Inc.  In fact, Van had lost his license as a broker and his other business dealings indicate he was actually a Corporate Raider.  Van was a conman.  I learned this as a fact only several years later.  Van said Jay was competent to do legal research but not to litigate.  
        Van was the witness when Jay and Morgan were married at the Courthouse on Valentine's Day, 2005.  Van treated them to dinner.  It could have been Denny's, I do not now remember.  On Morgan's motherly instincts, Van said he had taken some gifts to the children for Christmas one year and thought it likely Morgan would be glad to leave Jay - and the kids, if she could find a way to do so.  I have no comment as I never saw Morgan with her two sons.  

Eddie Van Halen

Jay E. Gell
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​      While I have not seen her, and she refused all requests for a recent photo in 2011, when we were last talking, I have come to know her far better than I ever have before.  
       When my illusions about Morgan were finally shattered I began to take a hard look at what I actually knew about her character.  To say I was sickened understates the case.  
           Morgan was recruited to do the same work for John Fund and his fellow NeoCons.  Just as she had been working for Craig she was reenlisted to work for John Fund and the NeoCons who view me as a threat but know she is one of them.  The psychopathic 'change sides' easily, always with their eye on their immediate benefit.  -.  the illusion she is a normal human being with a conscience, compassion and empathy.  She is not.  Psychopaths view the world without these attributes; to a psychopath an action is good if it get you what you want.  They have to study us to emulate behavior which gains our trust and affection.  It is like having a predator living with you but showing the face which appears to be human.  
       No normal human being would have engaged in actions intended to kill someone who had consistently cared for them, loved them, trusted them.  But this is exactly what Morgan did to all of us in my family.  
        Morgan was living in King's Mountain, North Carolina the last I knew.  But she may have moved since then.  The blog site used to publish the libelous untruths about me is down - but the Manchester's sites remain, along with at least one of their other agents.    
       Morgan's job was to use her children to entice me into talking to her again.  She well knew I was a sucker for children.  But having anything to do with her of her children put me and my normal family members in danger.   Morgan allied with Gell 
The last time I knew what Morgan looked like was April 2005.  The only time her name appears online this is the image which accompanies it.  I cropped the image of a young boy, who appears to be Morgan's youngest son, from the photo.  Morgan is still using photos from the 1980s online as current