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Born:  Carolyn Anne Barteaux

The InJustice System

How To Tell When the 'Fix is in'

When witnesses to a crime are not allowed to testify you know the 'fix is in.'  We all know what this means.  Someone with money, influence, or both, has decided to subvert the system of justice.  That is what happened in this case against John Fund, the defendent to the charge of domestic violence in 2002.  Two individuals on different occasions heard the victim, Morgan Pillsbury, being battered.  They were not interviewed despite having contacted the DA's office on multiple occasions; they were never interviewed or allowed to testify.     

The victim was Morgan Pillsbury, a woman then 35 years of age. Her assailant was John Fund, recently fired from the Wall Street Journal, then 47.  What was then not widely known was that John Fund was a disinformation agent and operative for Dick Cheney, then Vice President of the United States.  Fund was essential to Cheney's ongoing scheme to invade Iraq by blaming Saddam Hussein for complicity in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.  

These are the answering papers prepared by Fund's attorneys.  The victim was not allowed to have the witnesses to her battery, which John Fund committed.  The battery took place in the apartment her mother, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, had rented for her on February 19, 2002.   

Melinda, arriving from La Guardia Airport, had called Morgan when she was about five minutes from the apartment, located at 60 E. 9th Avenue in Manhattan.  She was surprised to hear Fund yelling in the background when Morgan answered the phone. 

When Melinda entered the apartment she found Morgan's face bloodied; she was bent over in pain from the assault.  

Melinda was not allowed to testify to this or having heard Morgan being battered previously.  

A second witness, Eric Buchanan, who had previously heard Morgan being battered by Fund, was also not permitted to testify.

These critical events wereignored by the court.  A man guilty of assault walked out of the courtroom because of collusion between between District Attorney Robert Morganthau and the Superior Cout of New York.  The InJustice System, essential to those in power, was operating.  This matters because  you are still being impacted every day by the this subversion of our justice system.   

Morgan was in her own home; According to Morgan, Fund had moved in; he was not invited to be there.  The papers prepared by his attorneys barely mention Melinda; never mention Buchanan. 

This case illustrates the cooperation of our court system in manufacturing what we 'know' in exactly the same way the Main Stream Media does every day in what we see, read and so believe. 

Blumenthal vs Drudge Case:
     Fund lied about how long he had known Matt Drudge. Deposition from Manny Klauser, who introduced Fund and Drudge in 1993, two years before the Drudge Report began operations.  

Two Extorted Statements
  On December 4, 2001, Fund battered Morgan, forcing her to write a statement saying she had never been battered.
      On January 24, 2002 Fund again battered Morgan, forcing her to produce the notarized statement Cheney had demanded.  

Understand John Fund 
​A life of lies, greed and ugliness.

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The Fund Times

October 26, 1998 to February 19, 2002